Manifesto Artifact

For my manifesto artifact I made a CD album with the artwork being a graffiti piece me and my friend Teina worked on at the band shed. I also made a video to go along with one of the songs I made for the album. It had been awhile since I made a video, my […]

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Manifesto’s (RESEARCH)

This is a list of Manifesto’s I’ve been researching 🙂   The Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright An honest ego in a healthy body. An eye to see nature. A heart to feel nature. Courage to follow nature. The sense of proportion (humour). Appreciation of work as idea and idea as work. Fertility of imagination. Capacity […]

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“Reggae has been around now for forty years. I Know dis fe’ true, because I wrote the first song that let people know that we called our music reggae. If you ask me how I came to write it, the answer is that I didn’t “come to write” that song, “Do the Reggay,” it just […]